During the last few days I’ve been publishing ‘old’ entries on my blog and a few readers reached out to me as they were wondering if something was amiss.

All is good (…as someone else tweeted regarding something much more serious) – These entries were just overdue and I’m posting them with the correct date for them to show up in the correct order in the timeline as one of my new year resolutions are to post a little more regularly for this blog.

Below is a preview of the entries that will be published during the next few weeks. The links with a [published] tag are active – the others will be active when the entries are published.

Look forward to many entries during the next days!

  • A two-day trip
    to eastern Switzerland for some good wine and molten cheese.
    Fondue in Malans [published]
  • Pack capacity test
    With TW560 fully restored, I wanted to know what the exact current pack capacity is.
    51ah-pack-capacity-test/ [published]
  • New year entry for 2020
    Not too much to say – I didn’t want to wait too long to say ‘Hello 2020‘ 🙂 [published]

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