TW560 Rebuild…completed.

After my first km and various smaller trips resulting in extensive testing of TW560’s rebuild, it was time to go to Ksenotek for one last rebuild session for some last finishing touches.

Finishing touches by Andi

Finishing touches by Andi

A new wooden battery bay cover – the last one was just plain wood. This time over I’m getting a beautifully lacquered one. Looks very, very posh. Finally my battery bay is closed and there aren’t unprotected cables carrying >400V just mere centimetres behind me and I don’t have to warn anyone getting into my TWIKE not to touch anything πŸ™‚

New wood - looking good!

New wood – looking good!

Another very important final touch is adding TW560’s serial number to the outer hull – only with this number present others can definitively know that this is TW560! It seems like a small thing but by adding these numbers to my TWIKE it felt like it had finally, finally, after 6 months of fighting for insurance cover, sourcing parts, sacrificing another TWIKE and multiple rebuild sessions (part 1 & part 2) this was the moment of true re-birth!

Now it's officially TW560!

Now it’s officially TW560!

With the battery bay back on and my trusted ‘I break for REGENERATIVE ENERGY’ telling everyone what’s important to me, feel at ease and invite Andi for some beers around the corner to celebrate the achievement that wouldn’t have been possible without him.

Everything is new...except for the bumper sticker

Everything is new…except for the bumper sticker

I eventually leave Ksenotek to drive back home – in my brand new TW560! A grand feeling & we’re ready to take on the world again!