I have CHF 15,000 to spend.

What needs to be replaced?

  • Space Frame
  • Hood
  • Plexiglas front windshield
  • Luran outer skin

How do I get the parts … and from where?

Buying new parts is expensive. Used parts are the way to go.

However, finding larger used Luran components is near-impossible, because they are usually attached to a TWIKE….hmmm.

Quite a few people suggested I just buy a used TWIKE and transfer everything of value over to it. This wasn’t an option for me, as it wouldn’t be TW560 anymore.

After some deliberation and lots of phone calls TW560’s rebuild strategy is as follows:

  • Buy a used TWIKE
  • Procure a (almost-)new hood complete with Plexiglas windshield
  • Tear down both TWIKEs
  • Re-build TW560 re-using chassis, electronics, battery, yoke, seats, pedals, etc. from TW560 and only taking what’s broken from the second TWIKE

This strategy has one big advantage: everything will be taken apart down to the last screw. Any problem that might have been hiding after 250,000 km will come to light and can be dealt with. After the re-build, TW560 will be similar to the TW560 that came off the assembly line in Switzerland 19 years ago!

A new lease on life! 😀


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