Season’s greetings to everyone & thank you for reading this blog in 2015! has seen its visitor numbers double in 2015 – I’m humbled by the sheer amounts of people reading my musings and following my adventures!

2015 has been a very good year for TW560: Many one-day / multiple-day trips, an epic pan-European adventure and very few technical issues.

2015 was also a good year for electric mobility: it truly entered mainstream media and the collective mind – not only because of the VW-emissions scandal. 8 years ago, with a TWIKE and a Renault Kangoo Electri’Cité everyone thought I was crazy and that this kind of technology would never catch on. I would drive for months without seeing an other EV. Nowadays it’s an average of 4-5 EV’s…just on my 35 minutes to the office. (OK, OK, yes, Switzerland seems to have the highest Tesla density per capita, shorter distances and a charging point density other countries can only dream of)

For Christmas, TW560 is – yet again – the trusted mode of transport for our Christmas tree (It’s not as heavy as some party supplies I’ve transported lately 🙂 )

Season's greetings!
Season’s greetings!

Always an interesting moment is New Year’s day when I check TW560’s trip counter see how many kilometres I’ve driven:

TW560's 2015 distance covered
TW560’s 2015 distance covered

Consumption is rather high because about 14000km were driven on motorways at speeds above 80km/h. Jan 1 & 2 TW560’s batteries are going to be pampered by a full balancing cycle. With its second set of batteries at 130000kms/16500+Ah already, keeping the batteries healthy is very important. Fortunately doing so is easy and fun – I’ll be writing an entry on how to balance your precious TWIKE batteries soon.

Furthermore, TW560 and I are going to Vienna mid-January 2016 – on a business trip. Really looking forward to this trip! It’s been a long time since our last visit. More on this soon!

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