TWIKE Adventures

I like travelling. My TWIKE is the vehicle of choice.

a TWIKE can incredibly helpful with starting a discussion or to get invited to local people’s homes.

I’ve owned a TWIKE and have been taking my TWIKE on longer tours at least once a year for 6-21 days for the last 10+ years.

here is an overview of my previous and current adventures:

  • 2019: TDST2019 [at] To Styria, this time my wife’s giving the trip a go
  • 2019: TDE2019 [es] A trip to southern Spain
  • 2019: TDI2019 [it] going further south in Italy than ever before
  • 2017: TDST2017 [it, sl, at] re-run of TDIN2016 with my second daughter. Travel to
  • 2017: TDE2017 [it, sl, hr, hu, sk, at] Tour de l’east – driving eastwards for 11 days
  • 2016: TDIN216: [it, sl, at] Travel to Styria via northern Italy, Venice, Slovenia, Ljubljana and back.
  • 2016: TDAF2016 [fr, it] Tour des Alpes Françaises
  • 2015: TDB2015 [baltic]  tour du baltique
  • 2014: TDM2014 [ee, lv, lt, su/ru, pl, cz, at, de] tour de la mediterranée
  • 2012: TDE2012 [es] Tour d’espagne – drive to southern spain and back
  • 2011: WAVE INDIA[in] three weeks in india
  • 2011: TDD2011 [dk] tour du danemark “the land of the naturally blond”
  • 2010: TDI2010 [it] tour d’italie
  • 2009: TDS2009 [ch] > tour de suisse (on nicd’s, heading over as many mountain passes as possible)
  • 2008: TDS2008 [ch] > tour de suisse (on nicd’s – getting to know TWIKE long distance travelling)