After registering my accident – Just a few days later, I get a call from my insurance (I really like Swiss efficiency!)

The appraisal had led to the conclusion that my vehicle was a total loss.

Given all the money I had invested into the vehicle during the last 11 years, they were ready to pay more than they would usually do for a vehicle of this age and mileage.

Before I go any further, here some context:

Prior to this conversation, I called a few of Switzerland’s TWIKE service centre owners (very happy know them all) and got their view on what my options were.

Having your vehicle declared a total loss usually results in the insurance company taking possession of your vehicle and it being sold at an auction. Even if I’m lucky enough to get everybody I know to monitor the auctions, there is still a big risk of someone else getting TW560 and me just being left with a pay-out which will not cover the cost of a new TWIKE with the same range and specs as TW560.

Moreover, if a vehicle is declared a total loss, if we would be able to get TW560 back and repair it – I would still have to have it re-certified and have a full road-worthiness test performed on it…which costs a lot and is not something you want to be doing with a 18 year-old vehicle.

Above all: Me driving anything else than TW560 would just feel wrong.

So, how do I get to keep my TWIKE, get money for repairs and not have it declared as a total loss?

Here we get back to the conversation I was having with the insurance guy.

He told me that the insurance was offering me CHF 15,000 after declaration as a full loss. I asked him what the reason behind this declaration was – he told me that this is the way an insurance wants to protect itself against consequential damage claims which arise from the repairs themselves. Declaring an accident a full loss protects them against other claims.

I asked him if might be able to avoid a full loss by signing a waiver denying any further claims, keeping the definition of the case still as an accident and still pay me the full 15k?

He has to get back to me. (fingers crossed!)

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