Our day starts lazily after another hearty Austrian Breakfast.

The only plan we have for today is to visit Klagenfurt – I’ve never been myself and looking forward to it.

The weather stays cloudy, grey and rather cold. A TWIKE comes with little options to heat the cabin – we therefore add another layer to what we’re wearing and off we go!

Klagenfurt is just 45km from Villach – having arrived there, our first goal is to get inside a coffee place and warm up a little.

Warming up in Klagenfurt
Warming up

Later we walk around town – a typical mid-sized Austrian city with an old town centre.

Klagenfurt Landhaus

All the walking gets one hungry! I opt for an Austrian classic and one of my favourite comfort foods: Käse-Leberkäse-Semmel! Get it in most larger shops, butchers and petrol stations!

This is magic stuff!
This is magic stuff!

From Klagenfurt to Wolfsberg we cross another two hillranges. Here, we’re back to winter wonderland – cold temperatures, ice and grey weather. The views, however, compensate for the cold!

Winter wonderland
Winter wonderland
Slovenian hillrange in the background
Slovenian hill range in the background
On our way to Wolfsburg
On our way to Wolfsburg

We could have easily continued further, but as we arrive in Wolfsberg, we spy a typical old-style ‘Gasthaus’ and spontaneously decide to stay there for the night.

Not much to report other than us eating very well that evening – tomorrow will be our last leg to Styria and we would like to visit Graz en-route, if possible.

Day 4 - TDST2020
Day 4 – TDST2020

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