At the end of 2019, I look back at a very nice and fun-packed year with my favourite of all vehicles: TWIKE 560.

2019 was a very busy year. It saw me travelling around 80% and being away for weeks at a time. Most notable was November where I enjoyed full two weeks in warm Singapore instead of grey and cold Switzerland before flying to Spain for another 9 days.

2019 was also notable as I went on two longer TWIKE adventures

  • TDI2019 to Italy
    My first long-distance solo TWIKE adventure driving to Austria and onward to central Italy and back
  • TDE2019 to Spain
    3500km adventure driving to southern Spain and back

As always, this is the moment for statistics and hard facts – how far has TW560 driven in 2019?

A year full of TWIKEing fun!
A year full of TWIKEing fun!

Still far above Switzerland’s yearly average of 13,469 km.

Even more interesting are the totals for TW560 and current battery set:

Another 2 years and TW560 will have 300k
Another 2 years and TW560 will have 300k

2022 will be the year for TW560 – 300,000 km! I will definitely need to make this anniversary special somehow, like TW560’s 200k during TDAF2016!

I will be posting a few entries retroactively in the next few days – it’s been a moment since my last post (sorry…). From January 2020 onwards, I will be taking the train to the office and hope to gain some time to write some entries that have been in the waiting for quite a moment.

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