Fixing an annoying squeak

TWIKE pilots always have a keen ear with regards to any new sound their TWIKE makes. Taking care of any problem as soon as possible not only saves money but can help preserve parts that might prove very hard to source if left to break/wear down.

Following problem crept up just a week ago…

A loud squeaking sound from somewhere around the right hand tyre/axle.

Asking the usual suspects yielded answers from ‘No problem, might just be a piece of metal scraping somewhere’ to ‘gears scraping due to worn-down ball-bearings … this will be expensive!’

Andi dismantled the wheel and – presto – found the culprit: the cardan joint…an unlikely candidate.

A new joint later, all is good – an easy and rather cheap solution.

New cardan joint
New cardan joint


Whilst searching for the source of the squeak, Andi, however, found another problem: A clamp holding the chassis and frame together hat all but disintegrated!

Major parts missing
Major parts missing

More on about how this issue was fixed – Repairs: After 234’000km, a few things needed attention – Part 3

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