Getting ready for TDE2017

Wow! Time flies when you’re busy! Just 3 days left before we set off on our trip!

During the last two weeks, I’ve been busy adding new features to and preparing TW560 for its upcoming yearly adventure TDE2017.

Last week, whilst I was in London on a business trip, JC took TW560 to Switzerland’s newest service center, ksenotek. It always pays off to treat your vehicle to a pre-trip check-up instead of breaking down somewhere far away. No problems were found and all the important nuts and bolts got tightened by Andreas Martin from Ksenotek.

The GPS tracking page got an upgrade, too – away from Google Maps. The very popular live position update feature, displaying our current position on a map, updated every 5 minutes is going to be back and active from Thursday morning onwards.

New position tracking page

New position tracking page

Other enhancements include a dashcam complete with rear-facing camera that continuously records anything going on around the TWIKE – no more missing of precious moments! 🙂
TW560's dashcam front and back cameras visible

TW560’s dashcam front and back cameras visible

The quality of the images is impressive!
TW560 dashcam

TW560 dashcam

Furthermore, TW560 got its own Twitter account! Tweet @TWIKE_560 to send us pictures and we (my daughter) will be live-tweeting on our progress along our route.

For all non-twitterati readers, there is a new email-address to send your pictures and feedback:

One feature, however, will be missing this year. Somehow, my current WordPress theme has been corrupted and I’ve been unable to fix it (anyone with advanced WordPress knowledge among my readers?). Pages with comments will not render correctly. This is why I was forced to temporarily disable the comments on all pages. If you want to leave us a message, there is, as always, still the “ask me anything” contact form to leave us messages during our trip.

We’re really looking forward to this trip – see you Thursday morning!