TDB2015 – Day5: rural poland

we start out early again – the weather promises to be as perfect as yesterday.

TW560 is fully charged and ready – even with a very complicated infrastructure.

trust me, i'm an engineer!

trust me, i’m an engineer!

getting out of bydgoszcz is quite challenging – as the bridge leading over the river brda seems to suggest šŸ™‚

bromberg's  weird bridge design

bromberg’s weird bridge design

our day is magical. after a few kms on busy roads, we leave everything behind us and cross super-rural poland on single lane roads.

we slowly climb towards a plateau and from there onwards we drive from sleepy village to sleepy village. everyone seems happy and content here. unlike russians, polish people have a slightly reserved attitude towards our TWIKE. many, many photos are taken, but russians still top blog access list after switzerland, germany and india – tightly followed by estonia, latvia and lithuania. (did i mention i love server logs?)

at the end of our first discharge, it took us just one quick glance to decide where to go: a biogas fermenting and energy producing facility!

0.999 MW

0.999 MW

we speak to a young person working on the site. he doesn’t speak any english or german. no problem: google translate works really well! we can converse in two languages with one smart phone between us. šŸ™‚

he gets the manager of the site and he lets us charge at a 32A plug for free – without any further questions asked!

jc feeling cheeky... let's see what happens :)

jc feeling cheeky… let’s see what happens šŸ™‚

my friend... i tell you 0% co2!

my friend… i tell you 0% co2!

as always – and as our long-time blog readers might remember – jc has bought all maps to go with our trip. he loves to use our recharges to check where we are and where we could go next – even if the roads we’ve planned to take prior to our trip aren’t even marked on his maps. (i must concede: i also love looking at old-school paper-based maps!)

charging...checking maps

charging…checking maps

the following pictures shall give you an idea of what we saw during our drive this afternoon:

flowers in rural poland

flowers in rural poland

TWIKE & flowers in rural poland

TWIKE & flowers in rural poland

more of the same

more of the same

endless fields

endless fields

same again, today - beautiful views in poland

same again, today – beautiful views in poland

after a 78 minute recharge – we were at 99% dod – we’re ready for our last few kms today:

brilliant TWIKE'ing

brilliant TWIKE’ing

sun bathed fields

sun bathed fields

tired but happy we arrive at legnica, our starting point for our transversal of the czech republic tomorrow.