planning all aspects of TDB2015 is a very interesting task. we’re happy to announce that one of the most important parts of these preparations has been completed: how to get TW560 to tallin, the starting point of our adventure this year. you might remember us lamenting the complexities of this task in one of our last blog entries. even after having had the chance to negotiate with a car importer from estonia, we were still at an amount of money we were unwilling to invest in just getting TW560 to its starting point.

so, after thinking somewhat out of the box, i started to research how it would be possible to get to tallin physically driving the least kilometres possible. after half a sunday evening and three delicious glasses of french red wine i had found a solution where the total drive was around 220kms and this at a total investment of around €400 for the whole trip! only thing missing was an experienced TWIKE PILOT!

i gently approached jc and with lots of NLP applied convinced him that this would be an interesting trip to make. after all, you must take an opportunity of a lifetime in the lifetime of the opportunity 🙂

with this TDB2015’s prologue was born! jc will leave jun7 and arrive jun10 just in time to pick me up from tallin airport, arriving from rome, italy.

TDB2015 prologue in yellowTDB2015 prologue in yellow
TDB2015 prologue in yellow

still open and unresolved due to non-responsiveness of our russian counterparts is the russian sponsor part for our 48h stay in kaliningrad. no sponsor = no visa = 400kms detour and missing one seriously nice city on this planet. should you know of anyone who could assist us here – do please let us know!

and now to something completely different.

on all our trips so far we’ve been able to meet amazing people and learn a lot about the respective countries we visited. this time is no different! unsurprisingly, we’re especially interested in ev projects and related technologies – like visiting reva’s ev-production line in india.

tallin is the home of a very special ev-project: chop-e. an infinitely cool, minimal, completely stripped-down electric chopper-style electric bicycle with some serious electric ummmpf.

chop-e > a lifestyle!
chop-e > a lifestyle!

the guys at chop-e’s team enthusiastically answered our first email in which we asked if they would like to meet up for some beers and try each others vehicles. we’re really looking forward to meeting chop-e’s team and sampling some local brewskies in the process!

check out their video “chop-e as a lifestyle”:

Chop-E as a lifestyle from Chop-E on Vimeo.

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