above you can see all the cables and adaptors we’ve chosen to be part of TDE2012.

this is – according to our experience – what you need to be sure to be able to connect anywhere you are.

in our small grey box, (click to zoom) you will find our trusted multimeter and some leads.

all other cables are more or less standard, except the IEC2, for which i will dedicate an own post when we’re ready.

most of the cables are seasoned travellers – we took about 90% of all connectors with us on wave india 2011!

if you are interested in what you might need to travel with an ev, let us know!

4 Replies to “TDE2012 – preparations”

  1. It would be interesting if you would list the items you see as needed to take on your trip. I am one of the few TWIKEs in the USA and drive it daily but I have not attempted any long trips yet.


    Phil H
    TWIKE 434

    1. hi there, phil,

      you should attempt to travel long-distance with your TWIKE – it’s a truly unique way to travel!

      the list – apart from all those funky european connectors – is quite short: a multimeter and some leads usually besides some imbus and screwdrivers usually do the trick.

      #edit: thinking about it, this is a very valid question. i will compile a list of (technical, TWIKE-related) things we usually take with us when travelling long-distance.


    1. hi there,

      thank you for commenting.

      indeed, after our visit to india, we are convinced that popularity of electric mobility needs to be pushed wherever possible.


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