proudly presenting: our TDE2012 route, work in progress..

A quick update:
I’ve started planning daily stages. If we could follow the theoretical line 1:1 our daily stages would be around 147kms every day.

Every red pushpin on the map represents a ‘virtual’ stage. The red line between these pushpins represents the real-world road we’ll be driving on.

Interestingly enough, our real daily stages somehow are exactly around what we usually experienced as relaxing (200-300kms).

Check out the full screen map by clicking the link below the map! Currently, i really like day 4 and day 6.

View TDE 2012 in a larger map

I’d like to re-iterate my call for poi’s along our route: should you know any interesting place along our route, let us know! Should you live somewhere near our route, let us know!

I’m currently writing this post on my gt-p1000 tab, sitting at the lobby bar in the austria trend savoyen hotel in vienna, drinking a g&t and whilst updating my blog avoiding watching football like everyone around me. 🙂

16 days, 7 hours, 50 minutes … and counting!