i had already wondered how i would ensure the same type of granularity regarding gps positioning updates and blog entries like during wave india whilst travelling through france and spain on TDE2012.

my peers in those countries had already been tasked to find me suitable pre-paid data-sim’s so that we could be online anywhere.

but then, today, my favourite carrier of all – swisscom – sent me a text message

We have some good news for you: on 25 June 2012 your NATEL BeFree subscription becomes NATEL infinity XL. So for the same price of CHF 169.-/month you can now also make unlimited calls abroad (EU, US and Canada). In addition, 200 min., 200 SMS and 200 MB are also included abroad (EU/Western Europe). We wish you a lot of pleasure with your new unlimited subscription. Swisscom

with this message, we’ve suddenly got the challenge how to get our positioning data and blog entries updated without all the hassle of foreign sim cards, solved. furthermore, it’ll be nice to be able to use the 200 minutes to call back home now and then using my own mobile phone.

for the data-heavy image/video-backup to my server at home and youtube uploads for the site, we’ll be relying on wifi hotspots and cafés en route.

thanks, again, swisscom, for solving this issue for us at chf 0.–!

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