TDE2012 – planning update

finally, jc and i have found some time to continue planning!

jc has bought ridiculously detailed maps of spain and france. we went along the theroretical line and assessed where there might be problems to follow the line closely.

there are lots of such instances > see for yourself below! (fully zoomable > try changing to terrain mode…)

View TDE 2012 in a larger map

we will be using the same technology for tracking and communication as during the WAVE. with one big difference: i will be on vacation this time and will be able to fully enjoy 100% of the adventure, unlike during the WAVE, where i missed many things due to me working from my hotel room!

just to give you an idea of the size of the maps!

just to give you an idea of the size of the maps!

THE LINE > on a real map!

THE LINE > on a real map

our WIP-date of departure is july 5. i’ve activated a countdown in the sidebar to count down the days until departure. i’m surprised that only 52 day are left until we leave. 1 quarter end, 6 flights to vienna, 7 visits to the french part of switzerland and uncountable meetings for me until we leave. 🙂

another little project is my IEC Type 2 adapter cable which i would like to take with us for TDE2012. we wanted to take this cable with us on TDD2011 but due to missing understanding and other issues we were unable to buy/make this cable due to various problems.

i’ll be adding a page on this project soon. stay tuned.