school children in switzerland get 2 weeks off end of april – my family usually leaves for a spot of vacation in the swiss alps, without me.

this year, the second week co-incides with may 1, a work-free day in switzerland. i am planning to spend the week-end in the same chalet, work from there april 30 and leave for vienna from feldkirch (only 25 kms away) late may 1.

although the drive there is uneventful, i was rather unprepared for the weather waiting for me @ 1100m altitude… (see featured picture above)

i left the office in zurich with an open canopy, enjoying some rather nice weather. 800m higher, much colder, snow started falling (i thought we had seen-off winter for this year!) brr.

anyway, the next day was much better and the snow started melting again

the view from our chalet - next morning
the view from our chalet - next morning

my kids however liked the temporary return of winter and threw some snowballs at eachother!

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