planning our next adventure > TDE2012

jc and i have started planning our next adventure.

we’ve been travelling with the TWIKE for about 7-8 days once every year for the last 4 years.

last year, besides travelling to india for 3 weeks, we took the TWIKE to denmark for a 1900km roundtrip.

analogue, how else?

analogue planning, how else?

this year, we’re going to test JC’s TW231 in very hot environments and try to combine this with crossing a major mountain range: we’re taking TW231 from northern switzerland to southern spain.

our current plan is to draw a straight line from southern spain to andorra and from there to glattfelden, our starting point, and try to follow this theoretical line as closely as possible.

living in spain or france somewhere along this line and would like to meet us? > get in touch!

once in spain, i will then remain in spain with my family and return by train whilst  jc will continue his trip for another few weeks, direction unknown (retirees have all the freedom it seems…)

we will post updates on details soon.