WAVE India Day5: Hyderabad – Kurnool

left early from hyderabad. instead of heading straight to the motorway, we first went to see an old fort – the detour definitely was worth it! another iconic picture for TWIKE in india!

then, after days of backbreaking roads, we finally emerge on a perfect motorway! just for the fun of it, i accelerate to 98kph gps and – whoooooha – this does feel good!

wow, here we're going at unthinkable 90+ kph > we pray it stays this way!

today i’ve got a different co-pilot for the first stage:

special guest in the TWIKE - louis palmer, WAVE initiator

special guest in the TWIKE - louis palmer, WAVE initiator

we start munching up the kilometers. after an hour or so, we pull over to have some breakfast and chai’s.

view from roadside chai intake stop

stocking essential items 🙂

he really wants one of these!










then we’re back on the road, heading to our first college.

packed hall for student interaction

packed hall for student interaction

dodgy installations everywhere










then we’re back on the beautiful hyderabad-bangalore highway.

electic india - clearly, there are only electric cars here!

after another good 120kms, we are nearly out of juice and still need to manage some less perfect roads…

another "good" road

but it is a really nice thing to be able to present some young school kids some technology that might inspire them to do something for the greater good sometime in the future.

first graders, first view of TWIKE - wooooah!

then, we head to the next school, which means we need to travel again on some rather bad roads – the TWIKE’s suspension is really hard and therefore such a road is quite bad for both chassis and backs!

manging, somehow, on dirt tracks

we arrive at the next school and are invited to interact with the students there. it is always overwhelming when 100’s of kids stand around the TWIKE and all ask questions at the same time!

student interaction - you cannot see the crowd behind the first row!

what might be behind the crowd?

finally, at dusk, we can make our way back to the hotel.

spaceship in kornool at night

and as always, although everyone says “no problem” all cars can charge, the electrical installation is completely inadequate and we need to fight for every amp we can pull. interestingly enough, the resident electrician gave the manager our battery capacity as a basis for calculation of a price for charging overnight. the TWIKE now packs a whopping 100kWh!! (instead of the 6.6kWh it has in reality)

good night!