we got back pretty late from customs. mumbai inner city traffic was very dense (we shall learn today, however, that the traffic we got to know was “light” traffic, according to locals, and now, after the fact, us, too!)

for today, we are scheduled to attend a press conference and show our cars at a mall.

we plunge back into bombay traffic. it is very dense but unlike european traffic, everyone looks out for the fellow driver. thanks to google and our indian sim, we easily find our way to the bombay press club.

first journalists arrive and we are thrown into a frenzy of impromptu interviews, photo opps and tv presenter driveabouts.



the team leaders at the press conference

lunchtime – feed me curries and i’m happy!

then, we drive to the next venue, a huge shopping centre 30kms to the north. see below how “light afternoon traffic” looks like in mumbai 🙂

on the way to the shopping centre, i am co-pilot and start working again. i promised no major impact on my daily work and that’s just what i want to be able to deliver: mumbai traffic jam / corporate mails / NSP approvals, all online and real-time. today’s technology is just incredible!


we arrive at the shopp ing centre – it was a very special feeling to drive in to the glizzy center via the main entrance and drive around in a shopping center!

2011-12-02 20.06.16

after we set up the cars, louis palmer has a speach and then i leave to continue workin from IITB.

on a more sombre note, both thinks are still not charging and the requested diagnose kit has not arrived with the last swiss team member to arrive. the cars will need to be transported to pune by truck, then, we hope the cars might be repareable with the diagnose kit which we will have fedexed to pune – in shallah!

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