quick update:

visa request ticket
visa request ticket

finally, i got the requested information from the sponsors in india regarding my flight to india. this means that i can finally go to the embassy and apply for my indian visa.

it is quite interesting, that i, as a uk citizen do not get any preferential treatment regarding visas – unlike hong kong for example.

anyways, after parting with 138 CHF, the visa center in berne accepts my application and i can wait for louis palmer to complete his visa application with walther.

today, i really am in a hurry: leave home at 6, meeting in berne, visa inbetween, quick update with louis and return to zurich for another meeting early afternoon.

i’m really looking forward to going to india. after all, the mornings will belong to me and the afternoons will be filled with work – however i can channel the requests via just a few channels.

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