1st team TWIKE member leaves for India

jean-claude left for india yesterday morning, together with most of the other swiss wave participants. i will be adding pictures as soon as jean-claude has uploaded them. since msc maureen is due in mumbai port tomorrow, they will try to get to the cars in the container as soon as possible. there are technical reasons for this: unlike the TWIKE, both think city and the clio rely on high temperature natrium-cloride batteries, which after a good month in the container are back to ambient temperature. in order for them to even start to accept any charge, they need to be heated up to 280-290°C which takes about 24-36 hrs.

add another 8-12 hrs charge to this and you will understand why it is vital to get our hands on the vehicles asap or else the departure is definitely in danger.

the TWIKE has none of these problems. our battery will have lost about 1-2% charge at most, jean-claude will start the TWIKE and off we go.

my departure is closing in fast, too! i’ll be leaving on november 30th, flying via istanbul and arriving in mumbai at 0445 🙁