vienna. i travel to this city about once every two weeks for a few days on business. about 5-6 times a year i stay for a week or so and then i usually take the twike to vienna or travel to other cities nearby such as bratislava or brno.

getting to vienna by twike is quite comfortable and easy. from home, i drive to feldkirch, then take the night train to vienna and drive off the train at 0730 in the morning at the central vienna westbahnhof.

like anywhere in the world – here in vienna – the TWIKE arouses interest 🙂

however, vienna is waiting – and TWIKE magic starts to happen. like everywhere:
2011-10-11 08.21.40: Twike Magic
this is the first buddy in vienna – still cruising with a norvegian license plate, the owner saw the TWIKE and stopped to take some pictures. the owner will start importing this little car with a great history to austria shortly.

after this week in vienna, i shall be flying to tel aviv and the TWIKE will stay here in vienna, waiting for jean-claude to take it from vienna to hamburg and then onwards to bremen.

my last days with the twike in vienna take me to very nice places – after my meetings i head out into the hills surrounding vienna.
2011-10-13 17.42.26: above vienna

my last trip with the TWIKE -> to vienna international airport. charging at an official charging point from wien energie called tanke.
2011-10-14 16.05.25
parked high up on the top parking deck, the TWIKE will now wait 2 days for jean-claude to arrive.

2011-10-14 16.47.44: one last pic

bye-bye TWIKE – have a good trip and see you in about 1.5 months in mumbai!


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