WAVE – World Advanced Vehicle Expedition 2011 India

Initiated by Louis Palmer, who circumvented the globe with his solartaxi 2008, then did the same thing in 80 days using electricity only, the wave is a proper on invitation only rally with disciplines, categories and stages. further details can be found on the official website.

this year, a first wave went from paris to prague with 25+ teams and an impressive array of ev’s ranging from the stunningly sleek and outlandish zero tracer to the very down-to-earth and sturdy reva from india.

wave2011 india…

TW 560 in India
TW 560 in India

is a special stage of the wave. less teams but more commitment. being so far away from home means that no roadside support vehicle can be deployed. fedexing stuff from europe will take at least 3 days outside mumbai. therefore it is of utmost importance to plan well what to take to the wave.

if you want to read about our WAVE 2011 TWIKE adventure, why not start here?

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