News of my accident traveled through the grapevines of the TWIKE community at light speed – TW560’s absence was noticed by many during TWIKE Klub’s 2018 general assembly in Berne. I was asked a lot of questions what happened and how TW560 was doing.

Out of nowhere I got multiple offers to borrow and drive TWIKE’s for short to longer periods of time – which I gladly accepted as I was in need of an independent mode of transport.

Driving various TWIKEs proved to me – yet again – one very important point: There is not one TWIKE like another! Battery sizes, battery chemistries, battery capacity, controllers, add-ons and various states of disrepair.

As a token of appreciation for being able to drive these TWIKEs, I decided to do something of value for every owner – entry links will be added soon.

Balancing of a cell stack with dead cells
lending of TWIKE hard-top
Balancing of full cell stack, repair & update of on-board Garmin GPS
Replacement of canopy snap fasteners
Plexiglas polish
gear drive assembly overhaul
Update of DFC30 firmware

A big thank you to all the TWIKE pilots that reached out to me and let me use their TWIKEs!

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