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this saturday, TW560 and i are heading back to vienna again.

i’ll be staying with the austrian part of my family in vienna on sunday, and working out of my vienna office monday and make a quick dash out to zurich and back to vienna on tuesday.

then, i shall be back in my proverbial mobile office on my way to southern styria. on thursday evening, friday and saturday i’ll be buying wines, eating good food and spending some quality time with my wife and kids in a very, very nice part of this world.

saturday night, the TWIKE goes back on the night train to feldkirch and back home on sunday.

i must admit that i am really looking forward to driving through hungary and slovenia. it’s been a long time since i’ve been there!

tri-phase recharging points are organized and confirmed – what else do i need beside that and good weather? 🙂

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