although i am fairly familiar with most components of the TWIKE, i have always left repairs to thomas möckli from möckli elektrofahrzeuge in marthalen.

he has been able to accommodate most of my special modification requests – be it a better distribution of breaking power between front and back wheels, or my bluetooth sound streaming to the TWIKE or everyday tasks such as changing the tyres > thomas makes it happen.

since the announcement of TW560’s taking part at the WAVE in india on, the usual suspects related to TWIKE vehicles have been in touch and have offered their help.

today, thomas will be lending us all repair materials and teaching us how to handle some of the breakdown scenarios we might encounter whilst travelling in india.

2011-11-04 14.01.07

here thomas is showing us what could go wrong with the suspension.

la pièce de résistance: changing a tyre!

it sounds easy, but there is sooo much to take into consideration. especially, if you drive the tyre outside of its design spec parameters (TWIKE standard parameters, such as 7 bar tyre pressure)


my first tyre change was interesting an i’ve got a good idea that this will be a very interesting thing to do roadside @30°C in india!

with the help of thomas we were able to really get close to what makes the TWIKE one of the greatest vehicles around.

2011-11-04 13.37.40

thank you again, thomas, for taking the time!

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