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TDP2021: Day1 – Geneva – Thiers – Cold & Rain

Hurray! Today is the day! TDP2021 finally can start. I was unable to finish off everything still on my plate the evening before work-wise. I also had my second vaccination late yesterday and had already felt some effects during the night. Getting up at 5 was hard – I felt very weird and had some […]

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TDP2021 – all systems: GO!

Ready to drive my TWIKE further south than ever before! Sagres, here I come!

2021 TWIKE Adventure

One of the readers of this blog noted that there wasn’t too much going on at at the moment…which is true. My current job and other things going on right now strongly limit my ability to head-off with my TWIKE on one-day trips / multiple day trips in Switzerland or think about embarking on […]