Since purchasing my new 51Ah pack over four years (as per today 4 years, 7 months and 6 days) ago, I’ve been tracking the degradation of the pack’s capacity over time with periodic long-distance full-cycle trips.

With one of the first nice and not freezing days in 2021, I thought it would be nice to see how the battery was doing.

My pack was purchased in March 2016 and installed August 8, 2016. If you’re interested to know more about how this pack was chosen, got its final size and capacity, please head over here to read all about how to choose a TWIKE battery, should yours be depleted and in need of a replacement.

This is how the current pack started its life in TW560:

0Ah, the genesis of my new 35E pack! (@204501km)
0Ah, the genesis of my new 35E pack! (@204501km)

74723 km (and one low-mileage 2020) later, I’m here:
Current discharge total
Current discharge total

So, now, without further ado – the number we’ve been waiting for…how many Wh does the pack still hold?
February 2021 Battery capacity
February 2021 Battery capacity

For those interested in some more data – I’ve started to keep a tally of all my capacity tests and will eventually start an own page tracking this pack’s capacity decline.

Date Wh Capacity Loss since
last check
Total loss 38.5Wh 55.5Wh
11.08.16 17,722 460km 319km
01.05.17 17,172 -3.10% -3.10% 446km 309km
10.09.18 16,601 -3.32% -6.33% 431km 299km
16.03.19 15,916 -4.12% -10.19% 413km 287km
17.07.19 15,873 -0.27% -10.43% 412km 286km
28.02.21 15,758 -0.72% -11.08% 409km 283km


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