TDST2020 – Heading back home

Today’s entry will be a short one – my own family has already left and I’m going to spend some last hours with my extended family – doing what we do best: chatting, eating and drinking. For lunch we chose another very typical restaurant where I got a very last fix for my year-long craving: Steirisches Backhendl.   To end our meal, I help my digestive system by having some local Schnapps with my coffee, before saying goodbye to everyone.   My drive to Graz is slow, relaxed and on a small road I’ve never taken in the past. The […]

TDST2020 – Styria, beautiful as ever

There is not much to write about after all the other years I’ve written about traveling to Styria. It’s been 16 years now that I and my family have been attending a family gathering of my Austrian family in Styria. Usually this is a 5-day stay in southern Austria. We drink lots of wine, eat very well, spend time catching up and doing fun activities together. This year, I’m not writing about every day but rather about some of the highlights – coupled with some photos that will give some context. If you want to know more about what you […]