TDST2020 – Day5, Wolfsberg – Graz – Southern Styria

Our prologue’s last day has begun. This evening, we will be arriving at the winery we’ve been going to for the last 15 years. We will be meeting with our kids who have texted us that they were on their way. For them it will be a 850km road trip from Switzerland. For us the day starts with friendly temperatures and sunshine. Our parking spot for the night was perfectly adapted to the size of our TWIKE – since the building was built a very long time ago, this was the size that was required those days – not quite […]

TDST2020 – Day4, Villach – Wolfsberg

Our day starts lazily after another hearty Austrian Breakfast. The only plan we have for today is to visit Klagenfurt – I’ve never been myself and looking forward to it. The weather stays cloudy, grey and rather cold. A TWIKE comes with little options to heat the cabin – we therefore add another layer to what we’re wearing and off we go! Klagenfurt is just 45km from Villach – having arrived there, our first goal is to get inside a coffee place and warm up a little. Later we walk around town – a typical mid-sized Austrian city with an […]

TDST2020 – Day3, North Italian Alps – Villach

At last: our day starts with a blue sky, warm temperatures and the sun fighting its way through the last remainders of fog in the valley. Our destination for today is Villach – getting there will see us leave the northern Italian Dolomites region and crossing into southern Austria – both regions are, given nice weather, beautiful – we’re really looking forward to our drive today. We will have to cross three passes today – some of them are above 1800m. We will have to see if the roads have already been cleared. I’ve promised my wife that we would […]

TDST2020 – Day2, South Tyrol – Dolomites

Today is our official first day off – we wake up to a grey day with us not really being able to fully take advantage of our awesome suite-style room with huge balcony so obviously designed for the lazy consumption of a sunny day! After a hearty Austrian-style breakfast my wife and I start our trip with a traditional TWIKE pilot team picture. With me traveling long-distance with my TWIKE since 2008, there are many of these pictures – maybe I’ll create a page for them someday. Not much later, I spy a first real Italian bar and stop to […]