TDI2020 – A few days at the sea

Our stay in Lucca was much too short. Today’s drive will take us to Massa Marina, just 80km from Lucca. My family will enjoy the town for another few hours whilst I start bright and early. My plan for today is to drive from the coast inland up some hills and back to the sea again. Off we go! Temperatures soar and I’m happy to climb continuously. Every 100m up means about 1°C less temperature. A first pass at 1300m brings me to a plateau at around 1000m, complete with mountain lake and many, many people escaping the heat. For […]

TDI2020 – Northwards along the Ligurian Sea

Time has flown by in Terni & Rome. We’ve had a great time as a family with all our friends and we’re very grateful for their friendship. Today I will drive to Lucca on my own – my family wants to spend less time on the road – rather a long and relaxing lunch at the sea somewhere en-route.   Me, however, am looking forward to the trip. Today will be a very hot day and I’ve planned to take TW560 up some hills to get a reprieve from the heat. TW560 was charged slowly at 0.02C to allow the […]