TW560: back on the road – first few km

Finally – the day I’ve been waiting for has come! TW560 is ready for a first week of driving in minimum configuration in order to detect any major problems before going ahead and concentrating on the remaining details. I will be collecting TW560 from Andi in a ‘barely driveable’ state. This means: No fog lights No reverse light No internal lights No 12V outlets No windscreen wiper! The hood will not fully open No wheel covers No battery bay cover! Lots of non-connected cables everywhere No serial number…I’m incognito 🙂 but: All drive-related parts are functional! Front lights work Indicators […]

Re-build of TW560, part 2

As TW560 cannot monopolize Andi’s business for days on end, TW560’s revival had to pause for a few days. Other TWIKEs need repairs, too! We rejoin the action for the second part of TW560’s re-build. The goal for today is to get TW560’s back on its own wheels, able to break and propel itself – a bonus would be to have the hood fitted. Let’s see how far we can get today. Last time we left off with the main frame mounted and the battery bay ready. A good next step is to add the back suspension assembly. When this […]

Re-build of TW560, part one

I was very much looking forward to this part: Finally, TW560 is going to be put back together, as a Chimera of TW560’s main parts, TW524’s outer hull and TWxxx’s hood. It will take time to get used to. But I have really missed my TWIKE unlike any other possession I’ve had in my life. It’s a very strange and strong feeling. I don’t know if other rare vehicle owners have similar feelings. It’s similar to how you might feel towards a very old and very dear friend. Anyway: today is the day TW560 fights its way back to life…and […]

Tips: Updating DFC3’s software

Three months without TW560 taken its toll on me. No long therapeutic drives across Switzerland’s beautiful landscapes. No tinkering with my TWIKE to keep it in tip-top shape. After working really hard for a few weeks, I decided to take a day off from work and asked Andreas from Ksenotek if I could take on his offer to borrow his TWIKE – he happily agreed to give it to me for the weekend. Just a few minutes after setting off with Andi’s TWIKE, I noticed that the controller was running a 7-year-old version of DFC’s software. Many of the goodies […]

Stripping down TW524

With TW560 reduced to a square cube meter of parts, it’s time to remove all parts from TW524 and get its Space Frame ready for transplantation to TW560’s frame. Everything else will go towards my ever-growing TWIKE spare-part collection. I’m really happy to finally have many parts in storage which can make problems (such as this one) go away very easily and cost-effectively. As I mentioned, we had to source a back top Luran cover as the one that came with TW524 was non-standard … and I really want my stock-edition non-modified outer hull TWIKE back.   This is why […]