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How to balance with dead cells in a stack

Another spot of giving back love to the community after having driven a TWIKE that was offered to me after my catastrophic total-loss accident with TW560. TW230, a 10Ah capacity TWIKE from 1999 was lent to me by Thomas who also asked me if I could tell me if I could hear something that wasn’t […]

New hood found!

Good news: We’ve been able to source the type of hood I was looking for: More or less new, no scratches and super-transparent (not a given for 20-year-old Plexiglas)   It has just been delivered from Germany, where it was in storage for the last decade and part of a TWIKE easy which was exported […]

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Tear-down of TW560

With the hood and original Luran top taken care of, we can start repairing TW560. First of all, we have to tear-down both TWIKE 560 and 524. In this entry TW560’s gets taken apart: from vehicle to parts. The image below visualizes in a very simple way what we’re going to be extracting from TW560 […]


Welcome TW524!

As one of the parts of TW560’s rebuild strategy after my catastrophic total loss accident with TW560, procuring a new TWIKE was a cornerstone of making it happen within the means available. As always, Karma somehow handed me the solution on a silver tablet: TW524. The serial number of the TWIKE providing the parts for […]


TWIKE pilot community – compassion and camaraderie

News of my accident traveled through the grapevines of the TWIKE community at light speed – TW560’s absence was noticed by many during TWIKE Klub’s 2018 general assembly in Berne. I was asked a lot of questions what happened and how TW560 was doing. Out of nowhere I got multiple offers to borrow and drive […]


TW560 – rebuild strategy

I have CHF 15,000 to spend. What needs to be replaced? Space Frame Hood Plexiglas front windshield Luran outer skin How do I get the parts … and from where? Buying new parts is expensive. Used parts are the way to go. However, finding larger used Luran components is near-impossible, because they are usually attached […]