My insurance company got back to me!

After a few days back and forth, my insurance guy agreed to my suggestion of keeping the case as an accident and me signing a waiver! This is very good news – this means: TW560 will not be auctioned. TW560 stays with me. TW560 will be repaired. TW560 will live on as my partner on many future adventures. I’m extremely happy! Now comes the difficult task: What needs to be replaced … and can we stay within the 15k available?

TW560…a total loss

After registering my accident – Just a few days later, I get a call from my insurance (I really like Swiss efficiency!) The appraisal had led to the conclusion that my vehicle was a total loss. Given all the money I had invested into the vehicle during the last 11 years, they were ready to pay more than they would usually do for a vehicle of this age and mileage. Before I go any further, here some context: Prior to this conversation, I called a few of Switzerland’s TWIKE service centre owners (very happy know them all) and got their […]

Let’s talk to my insurer…

We pick up with me having gotten a first estimate from Andreas from Ksenotek for the repairs resulting from my recent accident. As one of the first steps, I had to register my accident with my insurance. Usually, there comes the moment where they ask which type of vehicle I own, how many kilometres I’ve already driven and how old it is. (TWIKE, ~250,000, 18 years) The agent on the other end of the line audibly exhaled as I told her that this was an accident that came about because I had swerved to avoid an animal. Probably she assumed […]

TWIKE-less comforting by an i8…a semi-green option

Another unexpected friendly gesture (besides many others) after my total-loss accident with TW560 came from my neighbor. A car buff (he owns a beetle and an original Jaguar E-Type and drives a luxury version of a Range Rover for his daily commute) he has always been interested in the EV’s and prototypes I’ve been driving during the last 11 years. He even tried a Tesla for a few days … but wasn’t convinced it would be a ‘proper’ car for him. One Friday evening, I spied an i8 in his driveway just across my house and thought: It really looks […]

TW560 accident damage assessment

My accident was on a late evening driving back home from an event. I flipped TW560 whilst avoiding a neighbor’s cat, then crossed my neighbor’s front garden suspended in a flipped-over TWIKE and came to a shuddering stop at her house’s wall – all whilst suspended at 130° sideways. Since the distance back home wasn’t too far, after performing some basic self-checks and extracting myself from the vehicle, I put TW560 back on its wheels and just pushed it back the last few 100 metres. Back home, feeling shaken and slightly under shock, I initially didn’t care too much about […]