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TDST2017 – Day5: Northern Slovenia to Styria -> Wow!

After having slept fitfully and longer than the last days, we head down to our hotel’s breakfast room since today we’re only covering 200km to get to our family meeting in southern Styria and have some time to spare. A very nice choice of food is to be expected with the type of hotel we’ve […]


TDST2017 – Day4: Ljubljana <3

An early start yet again. Today, instead of a clear and blue sky, we’re greeted by heavy humidity and 30m visibility. Packing our TWIKE, we shiver with 9°C and the fog getting everything humid within minutes.   Thankfully, the drive to the ferry is only 5 minutes – this doesn’t change the fact that we […]


TDST2017 – Day3: Venice, here we come!

We get up early, have a quick coffee as a starter for the day and get into the TWIKE. Our goal for today is to get to Venice as quickly as possible in order to have as much time left over as possible to explore the city together. Since there is a direct Autostrada from […]


TDST2017 – Day2: Drive-free day in Brescia

Our first drive-free day on our second yearly TWIKE-adventure. We open the window of our room to be greeted not only by a very typical Mediterranean view, but also by a brilliant day awaiting us. Since last time I was in Brescia, I didn’t get to see to much of the city – this time […]


TDST2017 – Day1: A beautiful drive to Brescia

As always, the last few days before a trip are a whirl of preparations, getting everything done and looking forward to the drive. Weather is forecast to be perfect – my daughter and myself are very much looking forward to our trip together. Saturday morning, it’s still dark outside when we get up and start […]


TDST2017: Less than a week!

All systems go. New GPS tracking & mapping solution activated and ready TWIKE fully serviced Chocolate buying date set Friends phoned and confirmed Hotel in Venice booked Train back to Switzerland booked Made space on phone’s SD card Tested TW_560’s Twitter feed We’re ready and looking forward to our trip. Due to unforseen complications, I […]


Repairs: After 234’000km, a few things needed attention – Part 4

TW560’s marathon problem fixing session finally over, Andi could get back to checking the rest of the chassis and changing the tyres.   Smiling even after a full days’ worth of work on my TWIKE. I usually get about 7000-8000km out of a set of tyres. If I would change them when they are technically […]

Repairs: After 234’000km, a few things needed attention – Part 3

Fixing a broken/disintegrated clamp Whilst searching for the source of an annoying squeak, Andi, however, found a much more serious problem: A clamp holding the chassis and frame together hat all but disintegrated!   This might come from the fact that from time to time I’m driving my TWIKE slightly outside of its design envelope… […]

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Repairs: After 234’000km, a few things needed attention – Part 2

Fixing an annoying squeak TWIKE pilots always have a keen ear with regards to any new sound their TWIKE makes. Taking care of any problem as soon as possible not only saves money but can help preserve parts that might prove very hard to source if left to break/wear down. Following problem crept up just […]


Repairs: After 234’000km, a few things needed attention – Part 1

Prior to any TWIKE adventure, I usually take my TWIKE to an official TWIKE service centre to have a general check-up. This ensures that the chance of being left stranded somewhere far away is low. After discovering a slight problem with my steering swing assembly, I had an urgent reason to go to Andi from […]


Want to travel with your TWIKE?

Finally, a page that’s been in the works for a very long time is ready: An answer to the ever-returning question: What kind of kit do you need to take your TWIKE on a trip across Europe or further afield? Click here to go to the brand-new page called “TWIKE long-distance travel kit“. Got feedback […]