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TDIN2016 – Day4: Process Excellence & Good News

After not sleeping much for another night, we pack and get ready to be picked up by a medical transport arriving directly from Switzerland. I was expecting them to arrive with Swiss precision at 11am sharp…Which they didn’t because of heavy traffic around Milan that morning – my insurance called me around 9am and apologized […]

TDIN2016 – Day3: Ticking off my bucket list

After not sleeping much during the night, with a swollen leg and pain levels still high, early morning I decide it’s indeed time to go to the hospital. Felice takes me there and we enter the typical chaos of an Italian hospital. I cannot imagine how someone could get any treatment at all here without […]

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TDIN2016 – Day2: “How bad is it?”

I haven’t been updating TDIN20160’s travel-log on a daily basis as usual – in this entry, find out why! But first, back to Day2 of my much-anticipated trip to Austria, via Italy and Slovenia with my youngest daughter. We sleep very well with fresh alpine air and the cozy smell of all the wood in […]


TDIN2016 – Day1: 14.7kWh to Italy

Today’s the day: My youngest daughter and I are on our way to Styria via Italy and Slovenia. After a very normal hectic last day at work spent making sure everybody knew what needs to be done during my absence, I meet my daughter outside my office at 4.30pm.   We leave Zürich and hit […]