Archive | August, 2016

My first 35E-week – a recap

Installed on August 8, the first week saw the new 51Ah pack being put through its paces: Normal commuting, every day usage Capacity testing, hypermiling Quick dash to Austria and back Overnight stay and slow TWIKE-style traveling Let’s see how my TW560-usage for this week looked like in detail: Drove to Dreifels from my office […]

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New Battery Pack: How far can I go on a charge?

Every time when changing something related to batteries, many other parameters potentially change at the same time: Chemistry, response to load, max/min voltages and discharge curves, etc. In a way, it feels like being a novice TWIKE pilot again – you really don’t know how your battery will react and – in consequence – how […]

Finally: My 51Ah pack has arrived!

Samsung’s 35E cells weren’t available when I ordered TW560’s new Dreifels 51Ah battery pack. Thanks to a very kind offer by Ralph from dreifels, I was still able to go on my yearly TWIKE adventure and experience a large pack / range with his personal 29E/45Ah pack. During my vacation Dreifels sent me an email […]

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