My first 35E-week – a recap

Installed on August 8, the first week saw the new 51Ah pack being put through its paces: Normal commuting, every day usage Capacity testing, hypermiling Quick dash to Austria and back Overnight stay and slow TWIKE-style traveling Let’s see how my TW560-usage for this week looked like in detail: Drove to Dreifels from my office in Zurich: 35E pack genesis. Very relaxed return home – percentage counts down very, very slowly. Day at home, some quick trips to Bülach. Same, same. An additional trip to Eglisau. How much capacity does my battery have? After this day, we know it’s 17.77kWh! […]

New Battery Pack: How far can I go on a charge?

Every time when changing something related to batteries, many other parameters potentially change at the same time: Chemistry, response to load, max/min voltages and discharge curves, etc. In a way, it feels like being a novice TWIKE pilot again – you really don’t know how your battery will react and – in consequence – how far your will be able to drive. Without a reliable total charge capacity figure, any subsequent computations are meaningless. I’m currently driving with the 29E-config I just left in-place since my 35E pack has at least 14% more capacity. It would, nevertheless, be interesting to […]

Finally: My 51Ah pack has arrived!

Samsung’s 35E cells weren’t available when I ordered TW560’s new Dreifels 51Ah battery pack. Thanks to a very kind offer by Ralph from dreifels, I was still able to go on my yearly TWIKE adventure and experience a large pack / range with his personal 29E/45Ah pack. During my vacation Dreifels sent me an email telling me that they had received the cells and were having them spot-welded at a third-party supplier. After receiving the welded cell-packs, Dreifels then builds battery-blocks consisting of multiple cell-packs, adding up to a standard voltage of 180V and 17Ah. I’m really looking forward to […]