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Geneva Motor Show 2016 – mixed emotions

Geneva Motor Show – 10 years of visiting this event with an eye on electric mobility. Will we finally have the electric breakthrough? [Spoiler alert: Sadly, no] There are some signs, though. The image above is Rimac’s concept_one car, a 800kW, 1000+bhp all-electric supercar. Interestingly it is the #1 image hit when you search for […]


New motor burn-in trip

After TW560’s recent motor replacement Seb, a long-time reader of, wished me luck with my next 191k. Since we hadn’t met for quite a while, I answered his comment by proposing a trip to perform a thorough burn-in for TW560’s new electric motor… and whilst doing so we could meet for some good food […]


Getting ready for #geneva #gvamotorshow

Usually, when someone starts talking to me about things like electric cars aren’t clean, because the electricity is dirty and the like, my answer usually is: That is a fascinating point we should definitely have an extended dialogue about one evening … and you’re buying the wine. But what if I can’t have this dialogue […]