i3: one day with BMW’s ev-offering … & four swiss passes

not long ago, a petrol-head friend of mine converted from driving a 550hp bmw alpina to an i3. his first ever ev-drive was one i organized for him to participate at the world record attempt in zurich in 2013 where he was provided with a renault fluence z.e., an ev with one claim to fame: it was the first commercially available ev with a swappable battery that could be exchanged within a minute at designated drop stations. (…which never took off because the company behind this design feature went bankrupt. i wanted to visit their danish headquarters during my TDD2011 […]

154km – 37,7Wh/km – 41km/h avg.

i’ve always liked hypermiling. back in my petrol-fueled days i’d try to squeeze as many km’s as possible out of any given tank. (my record with our family’s volvo s80 was 1687km) a TWIKE is a very, very light vehicle. consumption is easily affected by small factors – if you’re serious about consumption, you will find plenty of things on your TWIKE to optimize. this is also why twike pilots see their consumption vary by high margins throughout the year. wind, temperatures, tire pressure, weight, rain (…snow), lights etc. can make a large impact on consumption. why? not only is […]


Europe’s heat wave has reached Switzerland! Either go to the pool or… go up to 2000+m altitude.

Back to normal – commuting to work

Back to Switzerland after our 2850km trip across northern Europe means going back to work again – I thought i’d take you along on my daily commute to Zurich 🙂 I really like driving to work – i can choose from three different options. Today, you’re going to take the fastest one with me. Check out the alps in the background during most of the drive. (Every day they remind me of the wonderful roads waiting for me and TW560!)