wow, time is moving fast!

hurrah – our russian visas have come through! we’re really happy that this part of our trip is happening. we’re both looking forward to visiting kaliningrad!

in the meanwhile i’ve found a way to offer up-to-the-minute gps tracking that looks and works like the map latitude generated for me two years ago. i really liked the feature in the past where people would keep refreshing our site just to see where we were and send us poi’s whilst en-route. hope you will like it again.

emissionless’ homepage will be getting a location badge in the sidebar and there will be a dedicated page with a larger map to get an overview. both maps will be active from june 10 onwards.

remember not so long ago, when preparing for TDE2012, swisscom, my local provider, decided to include a certain amount of calls and data abroad at no additional cost? – making our life easier when searching for stuff, showing maps and enabling continuous gps tracking.

well, swisscom did it again! this time over, for a mere 10chf more per month, they offer *unlimited* calls when roaming and give you a whopping 12Gbytes of mobile data on any network within the european union. (and for good measure just throw in a 10gbyte/month data sim for free)

natel_infinity_xl - thank you again, swisscom
natel_infinity_xl – thank you again, swisscom

now, calling home, surfing – even streaming music and uploading tour photos to my server at home is no longer dependent on sllllloooooooowwwww hotel wifi based on DSL lines.

i really like 4G in switzerland – swisscom has about 97% total coverage (keep in mind that there are many, many mountains and valleys in switzerland) and in urban centres offers CAT6-4G @ 300mbits. i regularly get over 200mbit throughput even in high density environments: *woooha* … other carriers in europe – unfortunately – don’t invest enough in backhaul capacity and say 30mbits is *next-gen 4G* plus limit data to a few gig per month… i usually clock in at 24-30gig/month! 🙂

we’re both really looking forward to our trip!

TW560 will be on it’s way to tallin on june 7 – just 14 days to go.

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