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TDB2015 t-17: hello russia & good news again!

wow, time is moving fast! hurrah – our russian visas have come through! we’re really happy that this part of our trip is happening. we’re both looking forward to visiting kaliningrad! in the meanwhile i’ve found a way to offer up-to-the-minute gps tracking that looks and works like the map latitude generated for me two […]


clear communication

i love bumper stickers! they are perfect to convey political messages, affiliations or hobbies. not really a thing in europe, i really like the choice available online. for many years i had my trusted “hybrids are for pussies”-sticker, which i got from a SUV-drivers’ association page. classic! but there is a twist: since a twike, […]


repairs: TWIKE broken canopy tube

during the last few weeks, my TWIKE was making some strange rattling noise from time to time. one of the last weekends i started to search more in-depth and found the culprit very quickly: a canopy tube had broken just around the locking mechanism. a few years ago, TWIKE 560 took part at the WAVE […]