better than new!

wow, that went fast! was my first thought, when i got maya schnyder’s email. she wrote me that the hood was ready and that everything had gone well and she was happy with the result. as i have written before, maya’s understanding of quality and work satisfaction match my own closely. because of this, i was really looking forward to the new hood. i schedule a friday afternoon with some meetings in berne and tell her that i would like to thank her by having a beer after the work is done. her answer is equally surprising and unsurprising: “i’ve […]

new plexi hood, work in progress

after starting the task of replacing my front windscreen after an act of vandalism – maya sent me a selection of pictures to get an idea of the complexity of the task at hand and the progress she was making. it really feels good to know how things are coming along. i thought this info might be of interest… TW560’s windscreen replacement – the world’s LAST NEW TWIKE plexi windscreen.

not an ideal solution

after a nice weekend in france, i’m back to switzerland driving through bad and cold weather. the trip to france quickly showed that the temporary hood had some shortcomings: furthermore, it’s really hard to open the hood in the first place. because of a misalignment of the hood opening mechanism and the hood itself. to open the hood i have to push down hard and pull on the hood horizontally whilst using the opening mechanism – the process looks rather violent 🙂 but…who am i to complain? i have a hood, i can use my TWIKE. and most important of […]