2 (..3) days in the vogese alps – Day1

it’s been a while since jc and i have travelled together in TW560. since i’ve started a new job this year, currently, things are much less flexible as they were before. this is why jc and i have been planning just a few days away – not too far but still somewhere we’ve either not been for 20+ years (me) or not at all (jc). our choice fell on the vogese mountains – a mountain range northwest of basle between mulhouse, strassbourg and belfort. i crossed the vogese mountains more than 20 years ago on my motorbike (on my way […]

charge points – why accept the profane?

ahh. i like our local utilities! charging points are getting more and more interesting! here two of the more interesting ones i’ve encountered lately: one of the best charge points for zurîch city: a charge point fully covered in fake grass! surprise whilst parking at the marriott zurich… wasn’t listed at lemnet.org. i liked the flowers and the plastic lawn carpet! (still, it’s just a copycat installation 🙂 what next?

A beautiful day ahead…what to do?

Imagine: A saturday – my family fully booked with horse riding and shooting, weather forcast superb for all of switzerland… I decide to leave bright and early to drive wherever TW560 takes me. although i started out as random as possible, arriving in chur gave me just a limited choice of places to go. therefore, i decided to do this trip in the opposite direction, without the passes, since they were still covered in snow. i took the motorway, since i wanted to move away from where i usually am as fast as possible. then, slowly, my battery was quite […]

my commute to work

just wanted to let you know how my everyday trip to work looks like! i’m very happy to live in switzerland! this is the view i am treated to every day. (in case of good weather, that is!)