repairs – work in progress

another quick update: TW560 is back on the road! feeling very lucky that my insurance paid for most of the damage. also, thomas did some pretty amazing work on the outer hull – most of the bits an pieces found were put back into place. below are a few pictures showing what has to be done. tw560 was treated to a new battery bay – very nice, but my favourite sticker is gone, too! ah, let’s see if i can find another one – my favourite statement! as a last touch, thomas replaced my current tyres with my favourite summer […]

IEC type 2 for TW560

remember us lamenting the unavailability of a reliable solution to connect to IEC Type2 socket – to allow for a tri-phase charge of at least one TWIKE, better two. well, finally, TW560 gets it’s type2 plug. there are multiple ways how to make this work. i downloaded the official documents from mennekes and combined the info with some of the ideas floating around on the internet. the hardware was bought in china and assembled at home. initially, i had a short cable with the release switch close to the mennekes plug. now, my solution has a longer cable with the […]

damage assessment

one day after my catastrophic rim failure, TW560 arrives at möckli elektrofahrzeuge. thomas mails me a few pictures and lets me know that this time repairs will not come cheap! let’s have a quick look, shall we? one of the first things to be subjected to abrasion is the battery bay. TW560’s battery bay wasn’t in a good shape in the first place: first rim failure and … obviously my 3 weeks in india. furthermore, a very expensive part of TW560 has had enough: the plexi hood. they are not being produced anymore and replacing it will mean sourcing some […]