check your rims, often!

last thursday evening, on my way home, TW560 experienced a major problem: a rim broke whilst going around a corner at about 55 km/h. it was a harrowing experience. first of all, a big bang. then loss of most maneuverability. after that, VERY ugly splintering and scraping sounds coming from behind whilst trying to break and trying not crash into some containers just a few metres away. after what seemed an eternity, TW560 came to a shuddering halt. i stayed in the TWIKE for a few seconds to draw some deep breaths and then got out. what i saw hurt […]

water & dirt everywhere

does your TWIKE suddenly take on massive amounts of water? is the foot well carpet always wet? …i might have a hint for you 🙂 first of all: take out the carpet! then, have a look around! aha! the culprit! an emergency stop pushed back the front wheel suspension as far as to crack the front assembly panel. all the water coming off the wheel went directly into the interior! the solution: silicone! clean out the dirt, hang up the carpets to dry and get your trusted and seasoned co-pilot to visit you and help with the repairs! being able […]