a new home for emissionless.ch/emissionslos.ch

you might or might not know that emissionless.ch/emissionslos.ch (among many others) is hosted at my home.

everything is based on linux and i run my own dns server. apache is my good friend on the webserver side.

up until now the setup was based on a single 1u poweredge, non-redundant and my RTO was basically undefined. (not good!)

today thu, may9, i’ve undertaken the task to upgrade the infrastructure:

  • redundant server setup
  • better hardware: hp DL380’s dual physical quadcore with 8 gig ram etc.
  • UPS for about 3 hours coverage when power is down
  • Check Point 2070 firewall for extended security and IPv6 capabilities

here are some pictures from the switchover which took me a total of about 2 hours throughout one day. (other things needed tending to as well.)

DL380's waiting to be mounted

DL380’s waiting to be mounted

during the switchover

during the switchover

a new home for emissionslos.ch

a new home for emissionslos.ch


again, this is (just) my hobby. full redundancy (switches), multi-isp, geo-redundancy is currently planned, but not yet implemented.

hope you like emissionless.ch/emissionslos.ch and follow our posts in the future.