TWIKE alps challenge 2012

TWIKE swiss alps challenge 2012 – announced here on this site’s sidebar for some time, was a brainwave i had during my last longer TWIKE trip to southern spain this year. initially, i was planning to test if it was possible to cross the swiss alps with 6.5kWh worth of energy and then see how far i could make it on one charge. my estimate was that if i could make it to the entrance of the gotthard tunnel with about 850Wh left, i could make it to the italian part of switzerland and coast down to ambri or even […]

better change tyres earlier

just a quick update. driving from berne to zurich on the A1 motorway, cruising at 95kph behind a larger truck, the TWIKE suddenly starts to roll precariously. for a quick moment it feels like strong sidewinds hitting the TWIKE. but then, normally, sidewinds make the front part of the vehicle move like this, not the back. seconds later things get *much* worse and i decide to pull over and check what the problem is. well, even for the untrained eye the problem is very obvious. a flat tyre! i had scheduled an appointment for the following week with my local […]