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Zurich Airport parking buddies

parking around zurich airport is usually prohibitively expensive, except for motorbikes, twikes … and CREE SAM’s. today en-route to the french part of switzerland, i parked TW560 besides a beautifully kept CREE SAM these vehicles are very rare – i’ve had the chance to drive one with a large lithium battery last year – interesting, […]

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it’s nice to be able to choose

being able to be the main sponsor of events though my company, i have the unusual freedom to choose what activity or thing is going to be sponsored. instead of boring roll-ups or other corny give-aways i usually decide on something more interesting or memorable. this year for a conference i decided to take some […]

proudly presenting: our TDE2012 route, work in progress..

A quick update: I’ve started planning daily stages. If we could follow the theoretical line 1:1 our daily stages would be around 147kms every day. Every red pushpin on the map represents a ‘virtual’ stage. The red line between these pushpins represents the real-world road we’ll be driving on. Interestingly enough, our real daily stages […]

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good news, indeed

i had already wondered how i would ensure the same type of granularity regarding gps positioning updates and blog entries like during wave india whilst travelling through france and spain on TDE2012. my peers in those countries had already been tasked to find me suitable pre-paid data-sim’s so that we could be online anywhere. but […]

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