touchdown mumbai 0450. did’nt get any sleep but still wide awake. got off plane and progressed though customs and immigration for over an hour.

the sheer amount of people trying to get through customs is staggering. furthermore, being in india and all, queuing is part of life – it’s just interesting to see all the people from all walks of life trying to enter the country.

be it the indian business man in a crisp suit (even after 8 hours of flight) or the european hippy heading off to you know where – every one of them is treated with the same stoic calm by immigration.

after another wait, i finally get my bag and can proceed out and meet the students from iitb who have come to pick me up. 7am @ 27°c, when the sun is slowly rising over a hazy mumbai, i sit outside at the airport waiting for the taxi the students booked, i sip on a piping hot chai and have a feeling that india and me are going to get along just fine 🙂

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